» wednesday

Wednesday. Little Saturday as wek call it, here in Sweden. This morning started off with a religion seminar, it felt like it went well, and hopefully it did, too. After that we had lunch at school, then I went home. So here I am now. Just turned in an assignment and am about to get cracking on the very last one of my high school career. Crazy how time flies; I am only one paper away from being done with high school.
 I don't really have anything fun to share with you guys, as you may have noticed, hence the lack of posts... But I promise, as soon as my skin gets better I can take more photos, it's ridiculous how bad it is now. It's like it will never end. I tried putting tooth paste on my blemishes last night (I read about that online) and it actually worked! Very cool. Anyway, I'm gonna finish my work now. Ttyl dear readers xx
Meanwhile, enjoy an old selfie.

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