» Outfits à la française

Voilà the few outfits that we documented!
Top, Forever21 | Skirt, H&M | Shoes, Nike | Necklace, Ebay | Glasses, RayBan
Hat, Forever21 | Top, Gina Tricot | Jacket, H&M | Skirt, Forever21 | Shoes, DinSko | Glasses, Ebay
Top, New Look | Pants, some vintage shop in Södermalm, Stockholm | Shoes, Nike | Glasses, RayBan
Hat, Forever21 | Top, New Look | Skirt, Forever21 | Shoes, DinSko
Hat, Forever21 | Dress, Bangkok | Shoes, DinSko
And here are my two bikinis that I wore all the days we just relaxed by the pool;
Top, Victoria's Secret | Bottom, H&M
Top & bottom, Triangl
And a big thank you to my wonderful boo who took all these photos <33

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