» eurotrippers visiting

Hello dear readers! Soo, what have I been up to lately in this lack of updates? Weeell, first of all, I've been working, and the working some more. Working a lot, basically. But then yesterday I got some visitors! One of my old best friends from when I lived in France's little sister Christine and her friend Mav are currently eurotripping and asked me if they could stay with me while in Stockholm! Of course I said yes, so here we are. Yesterday I took them to get some Swedish candy, and they sure loved it haha.

» Shanghai prep!

I can't believe I'm moving to China in only 45 days! So crazy, and I'm so excited. Last Wednesday my old Chinese teacher Meisang invited a couple of us, her old students to have lunch at her house to prepare for the move! We got to meet a girl who did the exact same thing as us last year so we asked her about just about everything we could think of.

» Bob's Burgers

Have you guys seen the show Bob's Burgers? I started watching it when I lived in the States, since I found it on Netflix, but there were only like 2 seasons. Recently I found out that there are 5 seasons and it's still running, so obviously I decided to start watching it again! It's so funny haha, kinda like Family Guy but more realistic (aka no time machines and talking animals etc) and with a different story. The best part is that in the family of 5 with 3 girls, only one of their voices is by a female voice actor. It's amazing. If you haven't watched it already, DO IT!
Bonus: you can see where she gets it.

» the blue lagoon

Hello dear readers!
So yesterday was Sunday, and since I had the day off, Bella and I decided to do a tiny roadtrip and go to the blue lagoon! There's this pretty unknown lake I'd heard of but never been to just outside of Stockholm where the water is almost tropical, so we decided to go check it out. It blue (get it, blue instead of blew ;)) us away. The lake was crystal clear and so sweet it tasted almost exactly like drinking water! Truly amazing. Bella and I brought some ciders and strawberries, blasted some music and generally just had a great day at the "beach" :)

» jobbjobbjobb

Hej alla fina läsare!
Ursäkta den dåliga uppdateringen på sistone, men ni har säkert fullt upp med era egna sommarplaner (hoppas jag!). Själv jobbar jag. Det är typ det jag gör. Jobb, jobb, och så ännu mer jobb. För tillfället jobbar jag på Coop Daglivs på Fridhemsplan, så om ni har vägarna förbi, kom och säg hej! Jag sitter i kassan. :)
Utöver det saknar jag Frankrike och saknar ledighet. Fast det är riktigt gött att tjäna ihop lite pengar. Just nu sitter sis+bf, mamma, Lola och jag i soffan och bara myser. Kom hem från jobbet för inte så länge sedan, så är ganska trött. Blir nog bara lite häng, serier och naturgodis ikväll.
Hoppas ni har en underbar sommar!! Puss
Saknar dagar som dessa

» Roadtrip to Söderköping

Good morning dear readers!

Writing this, I am standing at my local subway station waiting for it to take me to the Chinese Embassy where I am going to apply for a visa. Sooo, meanwhile, I thought I'd tell you about my Sunday, since my bestie Hedvig and I went on a roadtrip!

Around noon I was picked up and the following ~2,5 hours Hedvig and I cruised along the Swedish countryside, wind in our hair, music blasting and just generally enjoying life. 

So why did we go to the tiny town of Söderköping? Well, there is this ice cream parlor there, that's supposed to have the best ice cream in Sweden! So naturally, we had to go see for ourselves. There was a really long line to get in, but it was definitely worth it! It sure was an experience, I've never had smoking ice cream before! 
Also, it turned out that Göta Kanal passed right through there so we walked around a little. Söderköping is a really cute little town!

» Allsång på Skansen

Hej alla glada!
Idag har jag för första gången någonsin varit på Allsång på Skansen! Hedvig tog med mig dit, och det var förvånansvärt najs. Jag har ju sett det några gånger på tv, men senast var typ när Lordi var med... Så 2006? Blev verkligen förvånad över hur mycket folk som var där och hur långa köer det var för att få sittplatser.
MumsMåns var bra som vanligt, Norlie & KKV med. Utöver dem var även Sabina Ddumba, Tomas Ledin, Siv Malmqvist och Pernilla Wahlgren. Siv rappade för övrigt en Pippilåt?? Haha, bland det knäppare jag sett.
Väldigt bra dag med väldigt fin tjej i alla fall. 5 av 5 toasts!
Vi hamnade till och med i rutan en kort stund! Kan ni se oss?