» wednesday weather wonders

Wednesday, or like the Americans like to call it; hump day.
     It's been raining almost all day. Personally, I don't really like the rain, at all haha, unless I'm inside with good company, a hot beverage and a giant blanket. Preferably Alex, chai tea and a duvet cover. Or when you're out on a a walk and it suddenly starts raining, and then as you get back home you're soaked, get to change into cozy clothes and we're back to the company, beverage and blanket. In either of those cases I guess one could say I really like the rain.
     I love storms in that way. I love watching lightning and hearing thunder, watching rain drops fall and seeing them fog up the windows. Keeping one window slightly open to intensify the sounds. I've always loved that, just like my mom. I really hope we get some Swedish summer storms when I get back and Alex comes to visit. It's so cozy.
     Today we had swim, just like every other day. It was raining throughout the practice and it was pretty cold, not as cold as Sweden but pretty cold for California. After practice I hung out with Alex, we got some Starbucks and cuddled.

» sweet springs

Sunday well spent with my darling Emily. We took a walk down to Los Osos sweet springs and had a picnic. 
such a beaut

» weekend recap

Som ni förhoppningsvis märkte, var det senaste inlägget skrivet av min kompis Will, inte mig haha.
Hursomhaver, är det söndag idag. Hemma i Sverige hade jag förmodligen lidigt av den klassiska, oundvikliga söndagsångesten, men här sitter jag, utan läxor och utan oro och bara tar det lugnt.
I fredags hade vi time trials på simningen, dvs våra tränare tog tid när vi simmade. Haha jag är såå långsam, och eftersom vi gjorde allt precis efter varandra blev man ju bara tröttare och tröttare efter varje race. Sist var bröstsim - det jag är bäst på, och jag kunde inte ens göra mitt bästa för att jag var så uttröttad av 100 yards krål, 50 fjäril och 50 rygg, inklusive uppvärmning. Känns ju lite pinsamt i och med att jag är tillsammans med en av de bästa simmarna hahahha menmen, jag har ju faktiskt aldrig tävlingssimmat förut och jag var målis när jag spelade vattenpolo. Stark men har sämst kondition.
På kvällen mötte vi upp med David och Allyah, våra favoritparkompisar, och vi drog en karaoke kväll på en resto i SLO. Haha, tvingade killarna att sjunga Wrecking Ball, så gulligt.
Lördag hängde Alex och jag på MDO, hade picknick och chillade på stranden. Såå varmt och skönt, fick en liten bränna till och med!
- det här skulle publicerats igår men jag somnade. ha en bra måndag! -

As you hopefully noticed, the last post was written by my friend Will, not me haha.
In any case, it's Sunday today. Back in Sweden I'd probably be suffering the classic, inevitable sunday anxiety (very common phenomenon in with Swedish teens), but here I am, whitout homework or worries, relaxing.
Friday we had time trials at swim, which meant our coaches noted the time as we swam. Haha I'm soo slow, and since we were doing everything all at once I just got more and more tired after each race. Last was breast swim - what I'm the best at, and I couldn't even do my best because by then I was so tired from the 100 yard crawl, 50 butterfly and 50 back, including warm up. It is a little embarassing since I'm dating one of the best swimmers hahahaa but you know, I haven't ever competitvely swam before and I was the goalie in water polo. Strong but horrible endurance.
Later that night we met up with David and Allyah, our favorite couple friends, and we went to a karaoke night at a resto in SLO. Haha, we made the guys sing Wrecking Ball, so cute.
Saturday Alex and I spent at MDO, we had a picnic and relaxed on the beach. It was soo warm, got a little bit of a tan too!
- this was supposed to be published yesterday, but i fell asleep. have a good monday! -

» thirsty

i was talking pictures of Bianca when i happened to capture a picture of her thinking; She was probably thinking about her boyfriend Alexander. -will

» water polo banquet

Tonight, water polo finally came to an official end. Earlier today we took team pictures at the beach, and then tonight we had our banquet - diplomas were handed out as well as two awards per team, and in my team I received one of them; most improved player! That one was chosen by the coach and the other award, the team award was given to Ashlee - chosen by the players. I feel so honored, love my team so much and it's going to be so weird never playing with you again.
behind the scenes
my award. :))))))

» tisdag morgon

Godmorgon kära blogg, klockan är 07.36 och jag sitter i skolans college and career center och slösar tid. Jag får ju skjuts av mina grannar och deras dotter har en zero period, så hon börjar skolan en timme tidigare - alltså har jag en dryg 1h20 att fördriva. Ibland kommer Alex hit tidigt och då är det inte lika jobbigt, men jag brukar säga åt honom att ta sovmorgon, for annars är han så trött. 
Har tyvärr inga bilder att bjuda på eftersom jag använder en skoldator just nu, men hoppas ni nöjer er med denna lilla uppdatering så länge och uppskattar faktumet att jag tagit mig tid till att skriva med å, ä och ö! Faktiskt inte det lättaste när de inte finns på tangentbordet. Kåppi änd pejst yää
Jaja, nu ska jag göra klart det sista av min läxa.

» no offense to you, don't waste your time

Because I'm happy,
              clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I'm happy,
              clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I'm happy,
              clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I'm happy,
              clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do

» wonderful weekend

So far, I've had an amazing weekend. You guys already know about friday, but let me tell you about the rest. Saturday I cleaned and relaxed, then at night Alex and I met up with Allyah and David and hung out with them. Sunday/today Alex and I spent most of the day in a tree. We brought a picnic - I made baguettes with mozzarella, smoked salmon and grape tomatoes, it was soo good haha. We also had strawberries and Hershey's hugs (chocolate my little swedes) and we felt very romantic, hihi. Later we haad dinner with my host parents, and then we went into SLO and saw the Lego movie! Haha it was actually really good, really funny. Definitely recommend it.

» Valentine's Day

I really didn't have any expectations for Valentine's day. 
He did such a great job hiding it. He acted all innocent and asked me two days ahead "is it bad if I haven't planned anything yet?". Obviously a big fat lie. I had no idea what was coming for me.
So the day started off as I got to school, walking into the 200 hallway, heading for my locker as usual. What's that? There seems to be something on my locker?
I was so surprised! I lovelovelove public gestures and we both had so much fun seeing the looks on people's faces as they were walking by. My locker was definitely the greatest of them all, hihi. And behind all of the balloons hid a letter taped to the locker. Inside was a cute card and an adorable notebook - and here's the thing: I've been wanting a little notebook for a few weeks now, I've been planning on getting myself one but I haven't been able to find one that fits the image I have in my mind. I was just about to settle a couple of days ago but I decided not to. And I didn't tell Alex about any of this.
The day continued; at lunch we celebrated with our friends, people brought cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies and we had a huge sweet feast. Travis loved my chocolate balls and had 7 of them. Hahaha. It was really nice, I love those people. Going to miss Conner so much as he leaves for Argentina soon. This was supposedly his last day.
After the last period we went back to my locker, Ally wanted to take some pictures of us. As I looked at my locker, I realized that there was a new letter taped on there, behind all the balloons. Inside the envelope there was a riddle, where to find the next clue. I literally started crying of happiness. I got so excited I didn't know what to do with myself, was this reality?? I have always wanted a treasure hunt with clues and romantic riddles, but I didn't think in my wildest imagination that something like that was ever going to happen. And there he was, with this whole treasure hunt planned out for me. So off we went, to the next clue. I figured out it'd be at the sand dunes, where we always go for lunch on special days.
Right I was, the next envelope was tied to a balloon at our favorite sand dune. A new riddle, a new destination. Now we were headed for Rose's to have an early dinner by the water.
As we got there, they were expecting us and handed me a box with a balloon tied to it. More balloons!! Inside was another adorable card and various cute things; a body splash, socks with glittery hearts on them, chocolates, other candy. Soooo cute. I have never felt so spoiled in my life.
We shared fish and chips like we always do at Rose's, watched seals swim by and enjoyed each other's company. I love this boy so, so much. I can't even begin to describe it.
Inside the card lied the next envelope. So after dinner, we went to that one tree where we sit sometimes. On the way we bumped in to Allyah and David and talked for a bit.
Up in the tree, a fourth envelope was taped to the trunk. I climbed up and got it, inside I found a movie theater ticket and another riddle. So off we went, to the movies.

We watched The Monuments Men, a good movie but one of those that wouldn't have been good if it wouldn't have had famous actors like Clooney, Depardieu and Damon. One of those that you really don't need to see twice. After the movie, as we walked out, the cashier handed me another envelope with the next clues. So we walked to the park where we hung out the very first time and where we sometimes still go, and on the swingset I found a balloon and another envelope. We were going to SLO for dessert.
Alex's parents magically appeared and drove us to the Madonna Inn, where we shared a chocolate milkshake and even his parents got me something, a cute little card and beautiful bobbypins with a flower on them.
This has honestly been one of the best days of my life. It involved so many things I love, suprises, grand gestures, public affection, glitter - I was literally swept off my feet and I felt like I was living in a movie. I still do, because the man I'm so lucky to call my boyfriend is unreal, he's simply too good to be true.
Alex, thank you a Valentine's day beyond my dreams and imagination. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for everything you do for me and everything you are. You are everything I want and everything I need, I love you with all my heart and I honestly don't know what I would do without you. I will remember this day forever.
No one is ever going to be able to top this Valentine's day. Except for maybe Alex himself, haha.

» it's up to you, dear readers

Okej kära bloggläsare - vad vill ni se mer av? Det här är er chans att säga till om det är något speciellt ni vill att jag ska blogga mer om; outfits, mer bilder, vloggar, tips, detaljer, speciella ämnen ni vill att jag ska prata om, vad som helst! Kommentera så ska jag göra så gott jag kan för att få till det!

» härlig dag

I söndags blev jag fruktansvärt sjuk och var därmed hemma från skolan igår. Borde kanske egentligen stannat hemma idag med men pallade inte mer. Sov bort hela måndagen och under hela dagen åt jag endast en banan och en kiwi och drack ett glas vatten. Produktiv? Njaaaaaaa. Hatar att missa skola här dessutom. Alla vänner, simträning, och inte nog med det är det ett jäkla krångel när man missar lektioner - make up work och lappar om frånvaro är bara en liten del av det hela.
Idag är det i alla fall tisdag och jag bestämde mig för att gå till skolan och trotsa förkylningen. Gick ganska bra faktiskt, vill man så kan man. Är fortfarande lite snuvig och har lite svårt att andas men annars så mår jag bra. Efter skolan hade vi simträning, jag simmade inte med tanke på sjukdomen, men var med på dry land. Dvs en jädra massa sit ups, push ups, dips, squats, jumping jacks, yoga och stretch. Skönt men varje dag? Kuuuuuuul hahah.
Var i alla fall glad för fick vara med min pojk. Sitta på bussen tillsammans, pussas och mysa. Vi gick en liten promenad och stannade i mörkret på en stig och dansade till Happy (Pharell Williams). 

» grattis bloggen 5 år

Ojojoj, dålig bloggerska, här har jag haft min blogg i 5 år nu, och så glömmer jag att uppmärksamma det. För typ 2 veckor sen, den 18 januari fyllde den här lilla hemsidan 5 år. Grattis grattis, och många år till ska det bli!

» re; hedvig

Haha japp, det är Alex minsann. Han var så stolt hahaha. Och tack hihi!

» water polo video

 En video från vår sista match. Saknar det redan.
Ps. Jag är målisen

» en vecka sen sist

Heej, vet att jag inte skrivit på ett tag, men jag har haft mycket att stå i, så är det bara ibland.
Så vad har jag gjort i veckan? Mer eller mindre vanlig skolvecka, har tagit ett ganska stort beslut som jag ska berätta lite mer om senare och bestämt lite andra saker. Om en vecka flyttar min kompis Conner till Argentina, vilket suger... Han ska vara utbytesttudent han med, med min organisation också faktiskt. Vi hade ett litet hejdå-kalas för honom igår, massa kååmpisar och lite tårta. Så tråkigt att han åker :(
I fredags hängde Alex och jag med David och Allyah, vi var och klappade valpar, raceade i små fordon på Target, åt mexikansk middag och hade allmänt massa kul tillsammans.

» Panik.

Börjar få panik. Har världens bästa år här, vet att jag skulle varit olycklig hemma och att det här gör mig riktigt gott, men kan inte sluta tänka på hur det kommer bli när jag kommer hem. När alla mina bästa vänner redan tagit studenten och många av dessa lämnar Stockholm för att börja sina liv med sabbatsår och universitetsplugg överallt omkring världen förutom hemma med mig. Jag vet inte om jag vill börja Franska igen. Tänk om jag inte kommer trivas där längre? Grejen är ju dock att jag inte kan byta. Utbildningen är viktigast och det finns ingen annan skola som erbjuder det jag behöver och vill ha, det som Franska erbjuder. Fast är det ändå inte viktigt att jag ska vara glad och nöjd mitt sista år i gymnasiet? Jag har panik och jag vet inte vad jag ska ta mig till. Jag bara hoppas att allt löser sig och blir bra.

» water polo tournament

Here are a few pics from this weekend's tournament at Arroyo Grande High School. Emily's got more and actual pics from the games, so when she gets 'em up I'll post them here too :)
It was really fun, we played 4 games, haha lost them all but we played well. I love being goalie.

» dodgeball week

So this week there were dodgeball games at school at lunch everyday. My boyfriend played and made it to the finals, unfortunately though they lost and came in second place. The other team admitted to having rigged the game though, so would it have been fair, they would have won, haha.
It was really fun to watch though. Such a fun game.