» Josefinas

So yesterday i met up with a few friends at Josefinas, as they were having their very last "summer party" - a seasonal event. Late afternoon sun, wine, drinks and great company, does it get any better?

» outfits of the night

♥ ♥ ♥


It's finally official; I'm returning to California in October! Unfortunately it's only briefly, but so much better than nothing. 10 days in my second home will do me good. Can't wait.
A photo taken my first week at MBHS. God that seems like forever ago.

» lindilind & musikfolkis

Imorn bär det av till Nyköping för denna sockertopp, och på måndag vankas det musikplugg på folkis. Så taggad för din skull! Ikväll myste vi i alla fall och det var dundersoft. Kollade massa DDD och spelade Kardashianspelet - ja, och det är kul. Sen kom även Hedv över en sväng innan hon skulle vidare till Söder för popagandahäng.
Kommer sakna dig massa masssa massa men jag kommer och hälsar på asap.
åh vad jag älskar dig min fina pingla

» 28/8-14

Jeans - Bikbok | Top - Gina Tricot | Kimono - Urban Outfitters | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

» wednesday 27/8-14

Bustier & skirt - Wet Seal | Shoes - Converse

» svar på kommentar

Re; Den kallas Maragaretaflätor och det finns två sätt jag brukar göra; idag gjorde jag bara två vanliga flätor på varsin sida, vek upp dem i mitten och satte fast med hårnålar. Annars brukar jag göra inbakade flätor nerifrån och upp och samma sak där; sätt fast med hårnålar!

» ootd tuesday 26/8-14

Top, cardigan & belt - Forever21 | Jeans - Bikbok |

» sunday evening

Back to school tomorrow. Kinda torn between being excited and wishing the weekend would last longer; on the one hand my new class is absolutely great, I have great classes and I have sleep-ins everyday of the week but Thursdays but on the other hand, I finish late, and school will always be school - and time off is nice. But I am looking forward to all the events and travels of this year though, because there will be many of them, and also getting to know my peers better.
Oh and by the way, I have a questions for you, my dear readers;
What do you want to see more of? Outfits, clothes, tips, artistic/creative projects, friends, family, details, videos, whatever you want! Comment and tell me and I'll do my best to adapt :)

» ensam

För två dagar sen åkte Linda. Och igår åkte Elin. Om några månader åker Hedvig. Det kommer bli ett jobbigt år.
Fy vad jag kommer att sakna er.

» Outfit of the day

So I know it's been a really long while since I've posted any outfits, but I felt like getting back into doing that, especially since I have 4 sleep ins per week thanks to my new awesome schedule.
PS, listen to this song if you haven't already - Charli XCX – Boom Clap
Dress - Forever21 | Jacket - Nelly.com | Boots - Zoey | Necklace - Birthday gift from Alexander | Earrings - Birthday gift from my God parents

» Första dagen på KG

Åh, vilken bra första dag tillbaka på gymnasiet jag hade. Fick äntligen träffa nya klassen och alla verkar så gosiga. Har ännu dock inte riktigt fått pli på schemat, så måste dit extra tidigt imorn bitti och försöka lösa det.
Hursomhelst, här är en bild från eftermiddagen. Sååå gosiga

» bunny & mama

» frågor om distansförhållande

Re; Vi har inte kommit fram till om vi ska köra distans eller inte än, men vi har bestämt att vänta till skolan och jobbet har kommit igång ordentligt för attt se hur jobbigt det blir... Det är oavsett en väldigt svår sits, jag vill ju inte ge upp det bästa jag haft utan att ens försöka, men samtidigt vet jag att det kommer bli ofattbart svårt.

» gothenburg

 So now we're back in Stockholm, but before we left the west coast, we made one last stop in Gothenburg and Liseberg :)

» happy 19th

Sooo, I guess I'm pretty old now.
and here's the only recent photo i found of me, despite its blurriness and overall crappiness. happy nineteenth to me

» flytvästsvalp

Lite bilder från häromdagen när vi var ute och myste på en ö här på västkusten. Aston är ju för söt i sin flytväst.

» purple beaches and wild black berries

Good evening dear readers!
This morning the alarm went off at 7 am. Unwillingly I got up, because I promised Alex we would go out to sea with my morfar (grandpa on my mother's side). I did have a condition though, and Alex didn't let me down, as he carried me to my grandparents' house. It was like an extra 10 minutes of sleep, riding on his back haha.
We started off showing Alex the harbors of both Kungshamn (where we live) and Smögen (the island next to us), then continued to the famous island of Hållö, where we picked herbs for morfar's brännvin (basically vodka with flavour that you drink in a shot & mandatory singing format), walked around looking at where a plane once crashed in WW2, rock formations created as the ice age disappeared, let Alex go for a swim in the marble "pool" and finally had lunch. Morfar brought hot dogs and a little grill, and we had a very nice time.
Next up was the purple beach at Mellanskär. It's made out of mussle shells that have been broken into millions of teeny tiny pieces and form a purple beach. It's really cool, actually.
And on our way home from the eventful day, we fished a little, and Alex actually caught one! He was so very proud.
And now we're off to bed. Goodnight lovelies!

» west (best) coast

This morning we took the train from Stockholm, and after a 4 hour train ride and a lot of hassle regarding rude staff, misleading advertisement and generally just a crappy transportation company, yes I'm talking about SJ, we finally arrived in Munkedal where my dad picked us up. Alex was as usual amazed by everything around him the entire car ride to Kungshamn, where our summer house is, and even more fascinated and excited as we got out of the car. First of all, of course, we went on a walk down to the beach for a swim. Dad and Alex swam around a little with Aston, I stood and documented it. Not ready.
Then, like I do every summer, I went through my room and looked at things from my childhood. I found a painting kit and decided that this summer, or the two weeks that remain of it, I will finally use it and paint something.
After that, grandma and grandpa came over for a drink and Alex finally got to meet them. It was great seeing them again.
Dinner happened, Richard made a beautiful risotto and dad bbqed some amazing meat. Alex desperately wanted to go for a late night swim, so we did that too. Or, you know, he did. I watched, and documented, as usual.
Finally Josefin texted me and she and Krille ended up coming over with a bottle of wine and a bag of naturgodis, so we spent the rest of the evening playing cards and hanging out.
Tomorrow morning we're rising early to go out to sea with gramps on his boat! Ttyl lovely readers!
I found my old hat from when I was like 8, haha
Windy pup
Dad, grandma, Richard

» smedslätten / äppelviken

The other day I took the subway out to Bromma, where both my parents grew up, to check up on my grandparents' house, since they are at the summer house. We also went to the local beach which turned out to be surprisingly big, compared to most Swedish beahces! I'm a bit of a badkruka, as we say in Swedish (literal translation = bath pot, meaning = someone who hesitates a lot to go swimming and doesn't like cold temperatures in the water). Oh and 6 more days till I'm 19! Not gonna lie, feeling very old.
perfect juice box pocket

» re;

Re; Han åker den 15e augusti.

» dad's last day as a pilot

55 years old and now a free man. Retired that is, or like my mom likes to joke; unemployed. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining my dad's last day as a captain at SAS after 28 long years, together with my sister, Alex and my mom. With my mom as his co pilot, my parents flew us up to Luleå, where we visited Gammelstaden, had a wonderful dinner, played some cards etc, stayed at a hotel and then flew back in the morning. It was a really great way to end his carreer, with all his family on board and we all had so much fun.