» vacaycay

Hey there dear readers.
Right now I'm on vacaaatiooon, since tomorrow is thanksgiving! Really excited, since this'll be my first ever.
This morning I skyped with the parents btw. Haven't spoken to them in a bit so that sure was nice. Then Alex came over and we made meatballs and chocolate balls. Anyway I'm super tired now so catch you guys later. Got a package from Sweden today too, show you guys in the next post. Byyyyeeeee

» Monday 25/11

Monday again, although it feels like Thurday. Why? Because Thanksgiving is coming up, and due to this, tomorrow is the last day of school this week, which means we get almost a whole week off, niccccccee. Not as nice as the as the Swedish fall break over Halloween, but close enough. Not that I'm complaining.
Super stoked for the giving of the thanks anyways. Never having celebrated the turkey day before, I'm sure it'll be a blast. I'm making Swedish meat balls and chocolate balls (nigger balls, as we call them in Swedish) for the occasion. Last time I made that dessert people loved it, so hopefully it'll yet again be a hit.
Today we had water polo practice, exhausting but fun. Luna and I stopped for some well deserved hot chocolate on the way home and she showed me her secret of mixing hot chocolate with french vanilla cappuccino - so good. Here in the states, when you stop for a hot beverage at a gas station or 7eleven, you get to do it yourself, so all kinds of mixing is allowed. So cool, and so yummy.
Tomorrow's our first scrimmage, against SLO high. I'm so, so nervous, I don't really understand how everything works yet so god, I'mma do so bad. Geesus. At least it's not a real game, just a scrimmage. And my team mates are super cute and hopefully/probably understanding given the fact that I've only had 2 practices and they've had a few more. But still. Not enough to kick the nerves down.
obs läs med nypa salt
Hahahaha glömde nästan, ni vet hur jag har typ hemkunskap här? Herregud lektionerna blir ju bara löjligare och löjligare. Häromdagen hade vi en lektion om potatis. Potatis. Dvs hur ser en potatis ut? vilka färger kan den ha? hur växer en potatis - på träd eller under jorden? var odlar man flest potatisar i USA? Jag doooooooooog. Elin hade minsann velat vara där i alla fall. Hur som haver, idag hade vi en lektion om kakor. Eftersom alla tjockisamerikaner  redan vet vad en kaka är behövde vi som tur var inte gå igenom det, men vi fick kolla på en film om kakor, och sedan fick vi 45 minuter på oss att hitta på en kaka - dvs ingridienser, utseende och namn. Och rita. Det var väldigt viktigt att vi skulle rita en kaka och färglägga, och komma på ett snitsigt namn. Och kunde man inte det kom läraren på ett åt en, det gjorde ingenting och man fick inte mindre poäng för det. När det kom till ingridienserna behövde man inte ens specificera hur mycket man skulle ha av varje, inte heller hur man skulle göra degen, man skulle bara utgå från en vanlig kakdeg typ och säga lite smaskiga ingridienser, 99% av klassen valde saker som choklad & jordnötssmör osv. Herregud, jag slutar aldrig förundras.

» Catching fire / 1 month

Yesterday was Alex's and my one monthiversery. Such a great day, at lunch we went to the beach, sat in the same spot where he asked me out and he gave me a little airplane ornament for our christmas tree, so cute.
After school we went to a little taco place and had an early dinner, continued by a walk around Morro Bay including a trip into the aquarium and some pictures by the water. At 7 we went to the Bay Theatre to see Cathing Fire. Met up with Katie and her sister and sat with them.

» Las Vegas - photo bomb part 2

The marine ball. About 1500 people were there; marines and their wives, mainly. Beautiful ceremony, good food, great company. I even danced with a few marines and got asked out, haha!

» Egg Nog

Today I tried egg nog for the first time. It was nothing like I expected it, although I didn't really know what I was expecting, haha. I still can't decide if I like it though, it's weird when you start drinking it, but the after taste is really good. So strange! I'll give it 4/5 toasters anyways.

» city of lights - photo bomb part 1

Heey dear readers, I'm finally back after 4 days in Vegas! I've been filming a lot so expect a little video coming up soon! It's gonna take me a bit to put it together though, but hopefully not too long.
So what have we been up to? The first day we basically just looked around, walked up and down the strip (the main street), did some shopping and had dinner at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant BurGR. One thingchecked off my bucketlist right there! It was really cool.
Then the following days we went hiking twice, at Red Rocks and Fire Valley and my body is just beat. Yesterday (saturday) night we went to see Cirque de Soleil, the O - it was unbelievable. We were all speachless when it was over.

» Santa Barbara

 Had a wonderful day with my sweetie Sigga yesterday. Here are some picccccsss

» Santa Barbara

Heey there dear readers!
Today it is Monday and since we don't have any school (veteran day woho!) Sigga and I are off to Santa Barbara! Neither of us have ever been so you can only imagine how excited we are haha! Right now we're on the train, we should be there in like an hour. I'll be taking lots of pics so expect a photo bomb later tonight!

» friday

 Heey so yesterday was friday and I brought my camera to school! Decided to document my day so went around filming lots and lots. Edititing it atm, so I'll try to get it up asap. In the meanwhile, let me share some photos, because I did get some of those, too.

» videoblogg - rundtur i mitt hus

Warning American readers; the following post & vlog are in Swedish because I am showing my Swedish friends around my house. The video's not meant for you, but if you wanna hear me speak Swedish I guess you can watch it. Haha!

Tjeeenare alla svenska läsare. Här kommer äntligen den efterfrågade rundturen av mitt hus! Som ni vet är ju inte vlogar min grej och jag råkade överexponera lite så ser fruktansvärt blek ut, hehe. Menmen, vad gör man inte för bloggen? Jappjapp, hare bra!
OBS! Glöm inte att ändra kvallen till HD!!

» water polo game & halloween

Heeeey dear blog, sorry I haven't been updating in a bit - even got yelled at by Johanna today over skype haha. Hey btw, has anyone else noticed that you can't use the video function anymore? It sucks, so bad!
Anyways, so what have I been up to lately? Welllllll, last wednesday my babe had a water polo game against Nipomo, so Ellie, Kathleene and I went to show our support. It was really fun, I'd never seen a water polo game before, and to get to watch my boy play? Even better.
Sadly, they didn't win, but it was fun to watch anyways.
We stopped to get Bobas, a japanese drink, I think? It was like a smoothie with little jelly-ish things at the bottom. Haha, very interesting!
So Halloween was on thursday, and my babe and I dressed up as Ken & Barbie at school. As people actually call us that, we thought we'd take the joke the step further. We were so cute, if I may say so myself. And apparently I wasn't the only one who thought that, it seemed like 5 minutes didn't pass throughout the entire day without someone coming up to us telling us we were adorable. We entered the costume contest too, the couple's category. We didn't win, but I honestly think if the students would have gotten to vote (three teachers were the judges) we totally would have. It was fun anyways!
Ally got some great shots of us, as we were walking on the runway. I'll post them asap. Meanwhile, here's a pic of me in my costume;
Then Halloween night came around, and babe, Garrett, Margot and I went trick or treating. I was a My Little Pony, Alex was a police officer, Margot was Batman and Garrett was a cat. I think. We got soo much candy, it was ridiculous. We were out for like an hour or so, and almost every house we went to all exclaimed "You guys are the first ones here, take as much as you want!"
Everybody had such great decorations, too. Omg, we even found this haunted house that was reaally cool. I'd never been in one so that was really fun, even though it took like 30 seconds to walk through it, I think it was someone's garage they had decorated.
Ahahahha and the best part of trick or treating, was definitely Alex. Oh god, he was a police officer, and to all the houses we went, he would hide and jump as they opened the door, pointing his plastic gun at them yelling "POLICE!". He even somersaulted (kullerbytta) up to one house, hahahahhahaha.
After the trick or treating, Alex and I went to my house and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Such a great night.