» 2013 - årsresumé

2013 har verkligen varit ett intressant år. Mycket känslor, men inte lika mycket som förra året. Gladare i år. Började året att vara kär och släpandes på en hemlighet. Min familj och Wille var de enda som visste att jag skulle flytta till USA. Månad efter månad fick fler veta. Hatade tvåan och ville bara bort, iväg från verkligheten och ut ur landet. Hängde en jädra massa med Linda, vi blev bara närmre och närmre. Gjorde slut, var glad som singel ett tag. Hade en sjukt bra sommar, fylld av härliga konfaungar, sena kvällar på Lindas eller min balkong, hela dagar på Lindas för den delen, många av vilka i bakfullt tillstånd, en fling som slutade knepigt men var bra så länge den varade, en viktig födelsedag för min del följt av ordentliga utgångar och till sist, flytten.
Flyttade till Kalifornien, bästa valet jag gjort i mitt liv. Levt livet ända sen jag kom hit; sol, underbara vänner, amerikanska stereotyper besannade, bra mat, lätt i skolan, kul i skolan!, massa nya äventyr.
Bra år. 2013, you did me good.

» a wonderful day

We went on a little hike. We walked to Montaña de Oro, the sand dunes. On our way there, my oh-so-smart boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to take a shortcute over the mud, in which we ended up being covered. He lifted me and carried me over his shoulders without warning, so I couldn't even protest haha. Ahahah I was so mad at him, although it was quite funny afterwards. He even made me climb across the sand dunes, my shoes are still muddy.
Soo as we got across, we went to the water to get cleaned off. Took the opportunity and got some pics. The water was kinda cold but the sun was shining and it was warm and nice. 
How do you spend your december days?

» Things I forgot to mention

- I shipped a box to Sweden. 
- i baked lussektter :-)

» Christmas Eve & Day

Hi there fellow readers. I apologize for the low update but I blame the holidays. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

So yesterday was Christmas Eve, the day on which one celebrates the holidays in Sweden. Since that isn't the case here, my mind was more or less thrown off as my Instagram and Facebook were flooded in pictures of lights, food, trees, Santa and smiling welldressed people and holiday greetings, at the same time as we were running errands and getting Jamba Juice..! We did go to church at night though, I really liked that. I recognized a lot from back home, the only differences being the melodies and the language. 
I never really did get into the Christmas spirit, for as a Swede that was really quite hard, seeing the sun everyday and not being surrounded by snow or at least cold weather. Of course, the Californians thought it's been cold lately, but they don't know what cold is. ;) I guess I'm kinda glad though, 'cause I haven't been feeling as homesick as I thought I maybe would have. 

Today it is Christmas Day and currently I am sitting in my "bed" - the couch on which I am sleeping here at grandma's - with a cup of mint tea, texting my babe. 
This morning we started off by exchanging gifts, I think everybody was very pleased. T'was a simple and thoughtful Christmas morning. 
Around noon, my host parents and I left for San Francisco! We had a great day, walked around a bunch, went to China Town, Little Italy, took the trolley (on which I met a Swedish gay couple from Växjö, it was so nice to speak some Swedish again), ended up on a boat ride around Alcatraz and saw the lights of the city from the water at night, and walked some more. Great day, in short. 

Church before the mass started on Christmas Eve. 
Some of the presents from my stocking this morning. Being spoiled here!
China Town!
World famous 'Fishermans Wharf'

» drawing & finals

Heeeello dear blog. Atm I am in my drawing class, just finished my finals. You can check it out here:
Soooo next class is US history finals, and then we're out of school. 
Here's a sneakpeak of what I've been working on... First time ever drawing!

» canoes, sunsets, lights and beautiful people

This weekend has just been amazing so far. Yesterday night Alex and I went to Allyah's house and watched a scary movie with some others. Then Alex and I walked around empty, dark Osos at night, looked at the stars, wandered around the streets and just enjoyed each other's company.
This morning mom and I went to the Osos parade, then the middle school fund raiser where I bumped into a few friends. After that Alex and I went canoeing, including some sand dune exploring. We watched the sunset and it was incredibly beautiful. I literally couldn't find words, I just stood there, watching.
The boat parade was great, we even had tiny lights on Alex's little red canoe. 

» christmas is coming

Mom and I started decorating the house a few days ago. Here's a little video. :)

» My weekend

So this friday Emi, Ally and I went to the SLO parade. It was great, there were lots of people, great marching bands and cute dogs, baby cows and much more. Later we met up with Sam and Vegard, Emi and Sam went home early and Ally, Vegard and I got some pizza. Ally spent the night.
Saturday Ally and I hung out and then Alex and I went to SLO and hung out. We walked around and talked and talked. As it got colder, we ended up in the warm comic book corner of Barns and Nobles. I'm so blessed to have that boy in my life.

» The vlog I forgot to post

Ok so I just found the vlog I meant to post like a while ago, haha! Here it is anyways, a day at MBHS. Don't forget to put it in HD!!

» winter concert at the pac

Good evening fellow cyber stalkers.
Tuesday night we had our winter concert at the Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly (a college nearby, 5th in engineering in the whole country whoopdidoo), all of the three high school choirs plus the middle school choir performed. It was great and oh so grand. Everything was just so professional, the dressing rooms, the tickets, everything. Such an amazing experience, nothing like anything I've done before.

» ugly xmas sweater & hot cocoa day

Hellooo dear readers, right now I am in photo class and we just got done shooting, so now we're editing, and so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you guys a pic we took like an hour ago.
Today is ugly christmas sweater day, and since I didn't have one I got creative and stuck pictures of christmas animals in snow on one of my sweaters, hahaha. Also, if you brought a cup they gave you free hot chocolate, so we did that too! I love all of these theme days, it's so much fun. Although I do have to admit it is a little strange getting into the christmas spirit when the sun is shining and people are walking around in shorts...
Well Imma get back to editing sooooo ttyl